Honesty, openness, and vulnerability. These are the pathways to deeper connection. The reason my brother and I share our story is simply for the fact that it helps us. It helps us look at ourselves honestly, it helps us realize that we are not alone in our experience. Honesty means telling the truth, even when it is uncomfortable. We talk openly about depression, drugs, and death.


Growing up we did not have acess to an open and honest dialogue about these things. We were sheltered from it, in the hope that we would be spared the suffering that these things can lead to. This had the opposite effect. As we grew up we found ourselves enthralled in hopelessness. We needed to experience the suffering in order to truly understand it. 

Our hope is that through opening an honest dialoague we can spare others the suffering that we have experienced. 

About Us

We are two brothers that have struggled with mental illness and addiction most of our lives. We realized disconnection was at the heart of our problems. We are attempting to reconnect with ourselves and our community. One of the ways we do this is with our podcast. Another way is with our weekly group ritual.


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