We believe the best prevention is education. The influx of drug overdoses and addictions in our society is indicative of a flawed drug education system. We must rethink how we approach drug education.


The era of D.A.R.E classes and “just say no” campaigns has perpetuated an inconsistent narrative. One that demonizes drugs and their users. Promoting the idea that drugs are bad. Whilst as a society we know this isn't true. We see every day how advancements in drug technology save millions of lives. 


As children grow up and begin to see these inconsistencies for themselves they learn to distrust the information they have been told. They don't know what is true. So they begin to seek out the truth on their own. This leads to reckless drug experimentation, which later develops into destructive relationships with drugs. 


We must let go of the fixation with viewing drugs as good or bad. We must make it clear that drugs are not good nor bad. The same drug that saves a life can take a life. The effect is dependent on how it is used. 


Drugs are tools. In the same way a hammer is. And like a hammer, drugs can be used to build or to destroy. But if we give a hammer to a child with no guidance, they are much more likely to break something than to build something. Honest drug education means showing children how to use that hammer. 

The War on Drugs has made it evidently clear that lies and propaganda don't make for effective education. The misinformation must stop. The name of our drug education program is Honest. This one word sums up the philosophy of our program. Honesty comes first. That means telling our children the uncomfortable truths. We do not judge these truths as good or bad, we simply present them openly and honestly. So that our children can rest assured that the information they are getting can be trusted. 

Our drug education program is currently being developed. 

About Us

We are two brothers that have struggled with mental illness and addiction most of our lives. We realized disconnection was at the heart of our problems. We are attempting to reconnect with ourselves and our community. One of the ways we do this is with our podcast. Another way is with our weekly group ritual.


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