Vermont, USA

What is Cultivating connections?

Cultivating Connections is an organization dedicated to helping people live happy and fulfilling lives. We believe the path to a fulfilling life is forged in meaningful connections.

Our mission at Cultivating Connections is to develop avenues for humans to forge deep connections. Connections with oneself, with others, and with our planet.

One way we do this is through community events and connection rituals. We have used these rituals to successfully treat depression, addiction, and hopelessness.  

Our primary objective is to build a community center.

A community space that will become a hub of connection.

Where individuals can meet, learn, and be. 

Another way in which we seek to cultivate deeper connections is by providing a platform for people to share their stories. Sharing stories openly and honestly leads to deeper connections. We want to encourage others to share their tragedies and triumphs with a community that cares. We share stories on our podcast and youtube series.


If you would like to connect and share your story please contact us here. 





"If we want to help the world, we must first understand how to help ourselves."

About Us

We are two brothers that have struggled with mental illness and addiction most of our lives. We realized disconnection was at the heart of our problems. We are attempting to reconnect with ourselves and our community. One of the ways we do this is with our podcast. Another way is with our weekly group ritual.


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