Vermont, USA

What is Cultivating connections?

Cultivating Connections is a non-profit created to help promote the mental health of children and adults in our community.

Cultivating Connections was created by two brothers who have struggled with mental illness and substance abuse. Through our own struggles, we realized that our core problem was a lack of meaningful connections. 

 Our goal is to provide opportunities for kids and adults to build meaningful connections, develop life skills, and become more self-reliant. We do this through youth programs, community events, and education.


"If we want to help the world, we must first understand how to help ourselves."

About Us

We are two brothers that have struggled with mental illness and addiction most of our lives. We realized disconnection was at the heart of our problems. We are attempting to reconnect with ourselves and our community. One of the ways we do this is with our podcast. Another way is with our weekly group ritual.


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