About us

We are two brothers from Vermont, that have struggled with mental illness and addiction most of our lives. With the help of plant medicines, we came to realize disconnection was at the core of our problems.


We created Cultivating Connections as an attempt to try and foster deeper connections in every aspect of our lives. A deeper connection with ourselves, our intuition, and emotions. A deeper connection as brothers, as sons, as husbands, and as fathers. And a deeper connection with the present moment and all that this moment has to offer. 


We are passionate about mental health and addiction. We believe that we can prevent and even treat mental illness and addictions through the strengthening of community and meaningful connections. This is our mission. 


Rory's Story

My brother and I use group connection rituals to combat mental illness and addiction. Since starting our ritual I have tasted sobriety for the first time in my adult life. I no longer depend on heroin, crack, and methadone to get through life, as I once did. Instead, I'm learning to cope with my feelings of fear and insecurity without numbing or escaping.  We want people to know the potential of rituals to promote deeper connection and positive life change.

Ryan's Story

At 23, I was convinced there was something wrong with my brain. My only desire in life was a desire to escape. I didn’t work, I was a college dropout, I hated whom I had become and I didn’t see any path for my life.


I was seeing doctors and neurologists, searching for a biological source of my problems, if I could just find it everything would get better. But that didn’t happen. The more doctors I saw the more hopeless I became. 


I realized that the medical model could not solve my problems, no amount of medications could heal my feelings of worthlessness, shame, and self-hatred.


Over the next three years, I slowly began to climb out of my destructive belief system. Focusing on connecting and engaging with life, I began to develop new, empowering beliefs. Today, I am in a much better place than ever before, and I know that the supportive network of people that I have, plays an integral part in that. They continually empower me.


My hope with Cultivating Connections is that everyone in our community will be able to develop a supportive network of connections.

Contact us: cultivatingconnectionsvt@gmail.com

“No tree...can grow to heaven unless it’s roots reach down to hell.” — Carl Jung